Below is a list of Hunter playbooks that are available for the game.

Links to each of the playbooks are within each of the playbook titles.

Pick one of the playbooks for your hunter. Duplicate playbooks among players is not permitted.

The Chosen
A once-ordinary person who discovered they have a special destiny, and who has been given the power to accomplish it. The Chosen is good in a fight, with some weird powers.

The Crooked
A criminal turned monster hunter, haunted by their past and enemies. The Crooked is good in social situations and has a lot of contacts.

The Divine
An Agent of a higher power, with a mission to fulfill. The Divine is very tough and has been granted holy powers.

The Expert
The hunter who knows all about monsters and magic. The Expert knows a lot of hidden secrets and how to find out more, and also has a well-supplied base to work from.

The Flake
A conspiracy theorist. The Flake is great at finding things out and seeing how the events of separate mysteries are connected.

The Initiate
A member of an ancient monster-slaying Sect, trained to fight and use magic. The Initiate is good with magic, and their Sect provides help (and sometimes problems)

The Monstrous
A monster fighting for the good guys. The Monstrous is very weird, and can have a variety of different powers based on what monster breed they are.

The Mundane
Just a normal regular person, especially good at dealing with regular people you meet and have to save, and at getting captured by monsters (which can be more useful than you might expect).

The Professional
You work for an agency that hunts monsters. The Professional is good in a fight, and a good team player.

The Spell-Slinger
A trained wizard, wielding powerful magic in their crusade against evil. The Spell-slinger’s arcane training gives them an advantage when dealing with eldritch secrets.

The Spooky
Has psychic or magical powers. These powers are strange and sinister…and not completely under the Spooky’s control.

The Wronged
Revenge-driven, and really tough. The Wronged is all about killing a specific breed of monster and protecting others as you do it.

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