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It has been decades since a lost page from The Darkhold had resurfaced. For those that know of the “The Book of Sin”, these years have been a small respite from the horrors they knew would one day resurface. Those that knew, and had some small amount of power to prepare, looked to train individuals to hunt, collect, and as is often the case, to destroy those who have taken power from one or more of these pages. It seems that their preparations have been deemed fruitful, for the rise in supernatural events point to The Darkhold as the source. Unfortunately this organization and its hunters seem to be the only ones who have notice. Then again, with the world seeming to be under constant danger, groups like the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. must consider this a low-level threat.

But the threat is real.

(Running on Monster of the Week RPG)

Main Monsters The Darkhold Hunters

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